Foresight, Integrity, Resourcefulness, These traits make up the vision that guides E&M Management. These are the traits that ensure the E&M team delivers enduring value and a steady return on investment. These are the traits that reflect an unwavering commitment to excellence. It was on these traits that E&M Management was founded. Since then, E&M’s reputation as a multifamily real estate investment and management company with a portfolio of multi-family residential properties throughout New York City has flourished. A family-owned company with roots dating back four decades, E&M’s real estate investment prowess has had a direct impact on the cityscape of New York’s thriving boroughs.

The company has prospered over the last 40 years despite the tumultuous boom and bust real estate markets and see-sawing economic times because of the leadership’s standards of excellence and vision. Thanks to E&Ms visionary planning, New York City’s residential landscape includes thousands of apartments that are currently a part of E&M’s impressive portfolio. Like its properties and tenants, E&M is headquartered in New York City.


Irving Langer

Irving Langer

Founder & Managing Partner